InfoChannel Player provides stable reliable multimedia playback for virtually any environment including entertainment, retail, government, finance, and education. Users can create content using InfoChannel Designer or other industry-standard applications, and distributed using InfoChannel Content Manager (and InfoChannel Broadcast Server for satellite/multicast). The player will continuously run and update the content on dynamic signage displays according to the plan set in place from the InfoChannel Content Manager. Plasmas, TVs, kiosks, text, graphics, sound and video can be dynamically scheduled and customized at each InfoChannel Player location.

Stable and reliable playback 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Schedule and log events for ad billing and error tracking
Hundreds of smooth, full-screen effects and transitions Real-time data insertion for news, weather, etc
Versatile layering of standard graphics, sound and video files Data-driven text crawls with controllable direction and speed
Ability to update on-air without interruption MPEG2 video playback without additional hardware required
Optional add-ons for MPEG cards, VCRs and other devices Optional live video or input feeds with additional hardware
Interactive buttons, variables and branching for kiosks Native support for widescreen and portrait displays


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